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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


池澤 孝 | Takashi Ikezawa         Exhibition Art Director

「即興芸術」​ ‒ 視えない絲 ‒






1200cm x 60cm x 30cm

"Improvisational Art: Invisible Thread"


The Tsukuba Rocks existed on the surface of Mount Tsukuba prior to the time human beings discovered stoneware. Contrarily, the trees can be seen as a metaphor for the activities of all contemporary living beings. I wound pieces of traditionally woven kimono cloth on the long white line that connected the pair of rocks and the tree. This improvisational artwork derived from a sense of intuition I had here at this site.


Mixed media, wooden pieces, spinning wheel, cloth, hemp rope, rectangular steel tube 1200cm x 60cm x 30cm

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