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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


Gunjan Tyagi   India






"Unfinished Object"
Gunjan Tyagi addresses art-in-nature as a kind of “effort in effortlessness.” The nature that we see around us and the nature of human beings have a deep give-and-take relationship. They are on a parallel journey. Gunjan’s work is about the time and space between those parallel lines. The wool ball and the knitting sticks are made from bamboo. The materials define the object in terms of its title, Unfinished Object. This is a satire on the lifestyles we take for granted in the name of progress, while moving further away from and ignoring our history, culture, traditions, and current reality. On the one hand, the viewers will become attached to the materials of knitting– wool and bamboo –but on the other hand, the object resonates as a symbolic image of the reality we are living in. It is hoped that Unfinished Object will inspire the viewer to balance nostalgia with self-realization.
Bamboo, rope, color, etc.

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