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Daisaku Ueno

"Think the Moon”     Video     Pat van Boeckel    Netherlands

Daisaku Ueno original conceived of his project as a moon made of cut bamboo.  As he continued to build it upwards, the idea evolved into producing a ceremonial building for a tea ceremony. The enactment for this temporary structure with cut bamboo sections was not just symbolic, it involved the scope and scale of life, of a living tradition that carried time within its process. The tea ceremony analogy is with the artist process, how the artist choses materials, and way of working, which is quite similar to the tea ceremony. The ritual involves flowers, the teapot; each element is sacred and has a special purpose. Like art, everything comes from nature. The order of things is important what materials are used, how they are used, and the actions that take place in the process of making, of creating, of being. The actual shape of this temple-like structure for celebration is square, and uses many small elements to make a large structure. Each element is like an atom in a larger complete form/place of recognition and being.

                               John K Grande


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